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Useful Marathi Links

On this page, a list of links to other Quality Marathi Websites have been included. 

MarathiWorld: A good site on Marathi Culture, really a lot of nice stuff...

MyMarathi: This is also a good site...

RamRamPavna: Another good Marathi Website

MaayBoli: Marathi Culture portal...

Some Marathi Newspapers:

Maharashtra Times (from Mumbai)

Sakal (from Pune)

Download some cool and easy to type Marathi fonts. The key-mapping is English like. Just copy the font to your Windows\Fonts folder and in any Editing software, select that font and enjoy Marathi typing...

Kiran Font (Free): Click this Link and then click on "Get FREE Fonts" to get fonts in your mailbox.

Shivaji/Shusha font (Free): Click "Marathi" to download the ZIP file.

A site which has a lot of Marathi Documents like: Dnyaneshwari, Dasbodh, Manache Shlok, Abhang, Stotre, Lokgeete, Kavita etc.

A non-commercial site dedicated for the development of Marathi language, people and culture.