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Hello! Namaskar!! Ram ram!!!
This website is about the promotion of Marathi language, people and culture.
Marathi is an official language spoken in the Western Indian State of Maharashtra. Marathi is also spoken in other Indian states (in minority). Marathi people also live in US, Canada, Australia, Europe, Mauritius, Israel.
Marathi has over 70 million speakers.

This site contains links to:
- Some useful/informative Marathi Websites
- Marathi newspapers
- Materials which will help promote Marathi language and culture and create brotherhood among all Marathi speaking people across the world
- Marathi fonts which are easy to type and English-like key mapping
Check out some interesting links on the top of this page. Enjoy...

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Some keywords discussed here:

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A non-commercial site dedicated for the development of Marathi language, people and culture.